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R300 Loose Capacitor

Automatic Power Factor Correction Unit - Low Voltage

Electrotek Model R300

  • for 208V, 480V, 600V applications
  • available with 240V, 525V, 999V ratings
  • available in oil impregnated or dry type
  • suitable for harmonic filtering applications
  • a true 3 phase capacitor with internal fusing

Capacitor Specifications

Manufactured by
Vishay Electronic GmbH (Roederstein), Germany
Voltage Ratings
240 - 999 V
Maximum kVAr per 3 phase casing (60 Hz)

13.6 kVAr @ 208V (rated 16.3 kVAr @ 240V)

25.0 kVAr @ 480V (rated 30.0 kVAr @ 525V)

25.0 kVAr @ 600V (rated 33.0 kVAr @ 690V)

10.0 kVAr @ 600V (rated 28.0 kVAr @ 999V)

Specifications UL and cUL, CSA CAN3-C155-M84 (1986), CSA C22.2 No. 190-M1985, IEC Publication 831-1, 831-2, VDE 560-47, 560-47, EN60831-1, EN60831-2
Insulation (wet and dry options)

wet, ‘Ro’ series: non-PCB, natural oil impregnant, flash / ignition points 285/315°C

dry, ‘Rg’ series: non-PCB, dry / gas agent

‘Ro’ and ‘Rg’ series are both biodegradable and non-toxic.

vacuum-metallized on one side of the plastic film
Ambient Temperature -40°C to +45°C; storage temperature -40°C to +60°C
Inrush Current
maximum 300 times rated current
Loading Capacity

1.10 times rated voltage

1.30 times rated current

1.50 times rated output

Frequency Ratings
50 or 60 Hz
Capacitor Casing
seamless aluminum
≤ 0.25 Watts per kVAr
Discharge Resistors 50V or less in one minute after disconnection of supply voltage
polypropylene film
Safety Features


over pressure tear-off fuse / pressure sensitive circuit interrupter / internally fused up to 10kAIc, grounding / mounting stud at base of capacitor for easy mounting / replacement

Special Applications designed for use in harmonic filters

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